Escape the dungeon before the oxygen runs out in this thrilling dungeon crawler adventure game

Fight for your survival in this thrilling dungeon crawler adventure, where escaping the dungeon before oxygen runs out is your ultimate mission!

Unforgiving Dungeon

Descend into the depths of an unforgiving dungeon and immerse yourself in the heart-pounding adventure of “Anoxia.” As the walls close in and oxygen dwindles, time becomes your deadliest adversary. Can you rally your team, harness your wits, and escape before the air runs out? This race against the clock will push you to the limits of your courage and strategic thinking.

Explore the Dark

Prepare to explore a dark and treacherous labyrinth, where each step could lead to salvation or demise. Beware of cunning traps lying in wait and perplexing puzzles that guard the path to freedom. Every corner holds the lurking threat of vicious enemies, craving to devour any shred of hope you possess. Gather your resolve and venture forth, for survival is the only option.

Scavenge the Dungeon

Equipped with your resourcefulness, scavenge the dungeon for crucial items and formidable weapons that may tip the scales in your favor. Unleash your inner hero as you face off against unique and formidable boss battles that stand between you and your freedom. Choose wisely, as the lives of your team depend on the distinct skills and abilities each character brings to the table.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Your journey is not predetermined, for “Anoxia” offers multiple branching paths and secret areas, inviting you to forge your own destiny. The thrill of exploration awaits as you uncover hidden passages and unearth the mysteries that lie beneath. Engulf yourself in the stunning 3D graphics and immersive sound effects that breathe life into the dungeon, heightening the suspense and danger that loom at every turn.

Race against Time

Time is of the essence, and the shadow of suffocation draws near. Will you muster the courage and resilience to conquer the depths and emerge triumphant? The escape from “Anoxia” beckons, and it’s up to you to seize this adrenaline-charged opportunity.


  • Race against the clock to escape the dungeon before the oxygen runs out
  • Explore a dark and treacherous dungeon filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies
  • Collect useful items and weapons to help you survive and escape
  • Encounter unique and challenging boss battles as you progress through the dungeon
  • Play as a team of four different characters with unique skills and abilities
  • Choose your own path through the dungeon with multiple branching paths and secret areas to discover
  • Enjoy stunning 3D graphics and immersive sound effects that bring the dungeon to life


  • Unity 2021
  • FMOD Studio/FMOD For Unity

Assets Used


Anoxia was made in 10 days for the Lv. 99 Game Jam.

The Game Jam version has a lot of missing parts due to time constraints and an overzealous developer. There is only one dungeon level and several areas are not accessible. In addition some monster sounds were lost duing the build process and the beasts remain silent, but deadly. Also as a bonus feature the options menu is completely non-functional. Finally the game has a built in exit feature. Just press Alt+F4 on your keyboard!

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