Pellet Quest

Eat ALL the pellets and avoid any enemy which may cross your path


An RPG built on the concept of PacMan, where each pellet is both experience points and money.

The purpose of the game is to get pellets, and pellets are both you experience points and you money. You can spend pellets to buy keys, items, and abilities from shops (since there is a static number of pellet, care must be taken to ensure that you can’t buy the wrong stuff and not have enough pellet-money to progress


Dungeons are a special type of zone which are separate from the world map. Upon entering a dungeon, you are forced to get every pellet on each floor before the entrance to the next appears.


  • Very large, persistent world
  • Dozens of dungeons around the map of varying sizes and difficulties
  • Special abilities to reach other parts of the game like swimming and flying

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