Explore the world of wines by browsing thousands of choices from around the world.


Explore the world of fine wines and spirits in a simple and friendly way all from your mobile device. For wine novices and enthusiasts as it offers the most up to date and an easy to use experience for finding information about wines.

View and search for wines by type, varietal, region, popularity, and more. Read descriptive reviews and ratings on each wine and add them to your cellar, wish lists, or favorites for future reference.

It’s like having a personal sommelier in your pocket!


  • Browse wines by various categories including type, varietal, region, appellation, vinyard, and vintage
  • Full text search of wine keywords, titles, and descriptions
  • Full information on each wine including retail price, vinyard maps, user reviews, and winemaker notes
  • Add and remove wines quickly to wine lists to keep track of them
  • Wine guides to help on pairing, tasting, and selecting wines

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