The town of Wakefield, lost to an mysterious virus that has infected everyone except a few individuals. Will you become a survivor or fall to the hoard and live your remaining days as a creature of the undead?


The town of Wakefield was a thriving town full of life and excitement. That is until you went to bed last night. What you woke up to is a near-ghost town. The normal population has dwindled from more than 1,000 residents last night to yourself and, possibly, a few others this morning.

Overnight an unknown virus has changed the town you once knew into what you’re living in; a town where almost all of the people are infected and have become flesh-hungry zombies. Scavenge for supplies and resources, craft weapons to survive, and face hoards of the infected. Only a few remaining people like yourself survive. Can you find them and discover the mystery surrounding the sudden change to the towns inhabitants? Can you save them, or yourself? Can you even get out alive?


* Large world with dozens of unique outdoor and multistory indoor locations to explore
* Abundant loot to outfit your character with armor, weapons, and apparel to survive
* Crafting system to build vital resources from raw materials you scavenge in the town. Create and repair weapons and tools using dozens of discoverable recipes. Discover new items by finding blueprints hidden in the world.
* Will you be a solider or a handyman? Male or female? Gay or straight? Maybe you’ll even find romance in the apocalypse!
* Take shelter from the night as the hunted become the hunters at sundown. During the night the zombies are even more deadly than during the day.
* Once bitten the remaining residents will become zombies and turn on you. Find them before you loose your advantage over the undead!
* Increase your skills through use of items and applying them to your character. Be the best you can be.
* Don’t care for the gore? No problem, you can play through with different settings to tone it down and make it easy on your eyes (and stomach).
* Different types of zombies to deal with, including ones with brains! Some will be mindless sheep but others will pose a problem for you and your survival. Zombies are different with every play-through so each game is fraught with new challenges!
* Farming allows you to grow your own crops instead of searching for what little edible food there is in town.
* Animals are unaffected by the virus and roam the world so why not do a little hunting and have chicken tonight for dinner instead of canned beans?
* Customize the look and feel of your character with dozens of different features. During the game you can craft or loot even more clothing to customize yourself. Dress for success in the apocalypse.
* You decide who to help and where to settle, fortify, and upgrade your base. How will you handle new survivors you meet? Will you welcome them… or turn them away and defend your homestead?
* An original soundtrack to keep your nerves calm during the mayhem.
* Keyboard or controller? You decide! The game of Wakefield lets you use either.
* Community Driven Development (CDD) where you provide direct input that’s discussed in a dialogue manner about what is possible and what makes sense to you. The only thing you don’t get to do is the hard work to implement your ideas, suggestions, feedback, and bugs!

Early Access

Get immediate access to games that are being developed with the community’s involvement. These are games that evolve as you play them, as you give feedback, and as the developers update and add content.

Why Early Access?
Wakefield is an ambitious game and needs more input from the community to become a fully-fledged title. It’s with your feedback in an open and constructive dialog we can understand what ideas you have, the frustrations you face, and the successes we’ve delivered. We hope you’ll join us on this journey, but if not we understand. If you’re not ready to jump in yet, then please consider us when we break out of Early Access.

How often do we update?
The project is being worked on as often as possible during the Early Access period and will have at least one release per month. More releases may come out depending on the status of bugs and features and availability of resources.

What is required for 1.0?
We’re working on the 1.0 milestones right now and will make this information available through forum posts, blogs, or some kind of online system (more likely a Trello board).

What happens after 1.0?
Work will continue after Early Access is over and the 1.0 version has been released. A warranty period of about one month will kick off where we fix major and minor bugs immediately. During this time work will be planned and shared for future versions and features.

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?
We’ve set a limit to keeping the title in Early Access for one year.

What is the current state of the Early Access version?
We’re getting ready to launch the title in Early Access but it’s not ready just yet.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?
We have yet to determine pricing but will announce it as soon as we can, as well we’re looking for feedback and input from yourself on this too!

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