Create objects for The Sims 1, Living Large, House Party, Hot Date and Vacation from 3D meshes


blueprint is an object utility for The Sims that takes 3D input and pops out IFF object files for use in the game. blueprint allows you to tweak the imported 3D file, making sure it has the right textures and size, set the name, price, and description and set the room values and flags for an object. Then through a simple wizard, you export the object and create a brand new object for The Sims. This simple utility makes all the trouble of hand-painting 2D bitmaps go away forever! The preview of your object is done in real-time inside the program, simulating what your object looks like in the game. There are hundreds of free meshes available on the net for use with blueprint or you can create your own with almost any 3D program. blueprint also includes a full suite of 3D tools that you can use to create you own complex shapes.


  • Create objects for The Sims, Living Large, House Party, Hot Date and Vacation from 3D meshes
  • Integrates to other tools for complete object editing and customization
  • Full 3D editing tools including lathes, sweeps, revolves, and subdivisions
  • Vertex, face, edge, mesh and spline editing tools for creating any shape
  • Apply your own textures and materials and setup lighting to produce realistic images
  • Switch textures on images instantly with the built-in material editor
  • Setup and exporting takes only a few minutes using the blueprint wizards
  • Primitive 3D shapes (cubes, spheres, cylinders, etc.) allow for building new objects from scratch