View resources inside The Sims files


SimExplorer is a utility to view resources inside The Sims. This includes IFF (Objects), SPR (Sprites/Bitmaps), WLL (Walls), and FLR (Floor) files from The Sims. The layout and use is just like Windows Explorer, but instead of getting file details you get object details including a preview image, name, price and description of the item. This handy utility will let you organize those hundreds of floors you just downloaded quickly and easily. You can also use it to peek inside of objects and see what makes them tick.


  • Browse walls, floors, sprites and objects and all resources from The Sims
  • Manage files quickly and easily with the Windows Explorer-like interface
  • See objects in game files that you never knew existed
  • View objects and files inside Far Files
  • Delete files from hard drive or send to recycle bin
  • Simple and advanced views for object files
  • Hex mode for viewing binary data
  • Export images from inside files to BMP, TGA, TIF and JPEG formats
  • Sort file lists with a single click
  • Embedded viewers for external files types (HTML, MP3, etc.)